May 20, 2020

Green Beauty

The concept behind this personal editorial beauty shoot was to combine florals with green beauty products to exemplify the tight knit relationship between humans and mother nature.

The nature of our planet is in our hands. There is a need for change staring us in the face and we can no longer ignore it. We must act now and address it with careful and thoughtful intention. Green Beauty is making big moves in an industry full of synthetics and animal testing. Learning what you are putting on your skin, how it is made and how they are clogging up our landfills and oceans is so important in this generation and those to come.

We need to treat mother earth as she treats us, with tenderness and care because there is no Planet B. When we work together and take small steps in the right direction, we can make a big impact.


Photo/Art Direction/Styling: Elizabeth Podlesnik
Floral Artist: Caleb Franklin
Model: Alex Runciman
Hair + Makeup: Heidi Nymark


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