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Elizabeth Podlesnik

Elizabeth is an editorial and commercial photographer residing in Seattle, WA. Her style has best been described as innovative without jeopardizing authenticity. Her work has been praised as honest and nostalgic. As a photographer, her most important goal is for you to look at her images and feel something; that they evoke genuine emotion in an artistic way.

Elizabeth received a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing back in 2008. Ironically, it was during a photo shoot she produced for her designs where she discovered that photography and production were what she was meant to do. It is where her passion lies. She is a self-taught photographer and enjoys having a variety in her work. Since starting her wedding photography business in 2013, Elizabeth branched out in 2017 and found a profound love for editorial and commercial photography. 

This new adventure has been incredible and has taught me a whole new side of the business I never thought I was interested in. Looking forward to where this road leads me next!

Elizabeth has a profound love for travel, food, fashion and interior design. She is always willing to roam and loves capturing the world around her.  Throughout her time as a photographer, she have met so many wonderful people with such beautiful souls; people who have changed her and helped me to see love and the world around her in so many different and intriguing ways.